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Gyroflow needs a source of Gyro data (and optionally accelerometer data) to operate. Currently, Gyroflow supports the following gyro log types:

Supported formats:

  • [x] Sony (a1, a7c, a7r IV, a7 IV, a7s III, a9 II, FX3, FX6, RX0 II, RX100 VII, ZV1, ZV-E10)
  • [x] GoPro (All models with gyro metadata, starting with HERO 5)
  • [x] Insta360 (OneR, SMO 4k, GO2)
  • [x] Betaflight blackbox (CSV and binary)
  • [x] Runcam CSV (Runcam 5 Orange, iFlight GOCam GR)
  • [x] WitMotion (WT901SDCL binary and *.txt)
  • [x] Mobile apps: Sensor Logger, G-Field Recorder, Gyro
  • [x] Gyroflow .gcsv log
  • [ ] TODO DJI flight logs (.dat, .txt)

The subsequent pages will contain information about specific logging methods.