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File Joiner

Most consumer cameras have a file size limit of 4 GB. If the recording is longer, it will be split into multiple parts. If you want to stabilize such split video, you'll have to merge the parts before stabilization. Gyroflow has a built-in tool to do that for you.


In case of GoPro files, it should detect the sequence automatically and ask you to merge the videos, when you load the first file from the sequence:
You can also use ReelSteady-Joiner to merge GoPro files, or follow the guide here.
You can prevent this from happening by using GoPro Labs. It has a feature called Large Chapters, and enabling it will make the camera record big video files over 4 GB, up to 12 GB.

All other cameras

In case of all other cameras, you can simply drag & drop all files in your sequence to Gyroflow, and it will ask you if you want to merge them:
When joining video files from RunCam cameras, which have corresponding .gcsv files, the .gcsv files with gyro data will also be automatically merged.

Standalone tool

The Gyroflow file merger is also available as a standalone CLI tool: mp4-merge
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