Some Blackmagic cameras record internal gyro data in .braw files

Blackmagic has added recording of internal motion data with the firmware v7.9 available for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k and 6k

Supported models

ModelGyro dataLens profileSynchronization

Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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Pocket Cinema Camera 6K


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Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2


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Gyro data is recorded only in the .braw file format.

ProRes (.mov) doesn't include the gyro data.

BRAW playback

Gyroflow supports loading .braw files directly in the main app, so there's no need for transcoding. That feature was kindly sponsored by the community.

Project frame rate

If you shoot in a VFR mode (e.g. 120 fps stored as 30 fps file, slowed down), then Gyroflow will detect that and the load correct frame rate from the metadata automatically.

Zoom lenses

Blackmagic metadata contains lens focal length per frame, but it only contains whole numbers like 14mm, 15mm etc., without e.g. 14.2mm.

This means you could create a lens profile for zoom lenses which works for different zoom levels, but changing zoom throughout the video will create "steps", because we don't have the exact focal length information. Such lens profile could work however for scenarios where you use the zoom lens for different scenes, but the zoom is not changing throughout the shot.

Learn more about zoom lens profiles in the ๐Ÿ”ญ Advanced usage -> Lens profile section.


A common thing in the FPV community is to decase the BMPCC in order to reduce the weight. This separates the sensor and lens from the main board and makes the gyro data rotated in relation to the pixels captured by the sensor, because the IMU chip is on the main board.

In order to use naked BMPCC with internal gyro data in Gyroflow you have to

  1. Change IMU orientation to zyx

  2. Enter gyro rotation, mainly the Pitch (uptilt) angle in degrees

You can determine the rotation angles in Gyroflow using charts and optical flow data - see ๐Ÿ”€ IMU orientation and rotation for a detailed guide how to do that.


Exporting directly from Gyroflow when using a .braw file is not supported at the moment. Instead, you should use one of the video editor plugins to render out from your video editor.

The reason is that the encoding pipeline in Gyroflow is tightly tied to ffmpeg, and BRAW format uses an external SDK instead.

There are plans to rewrite the rendering pipeline to allow exporting ProRes directly from .braw in Gyroflow, but it will take at least several months.

Using the plugin is the best option anyway because you then have all RAW color controls without compromises. Learn more here:

๐Ÿ’กpageGeneral Plugin Workflow

Shutter speed, ND filters and motion blur

You should avoid motion blur when recording if you want to stabilize in post, read more why in the ๐Ÿ“ธ Common filming tips and issues.

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