๐Ÿ’กGeneral Plugin Workflow

Gyroflow is also available in the form of a video editor plugin. The main idea behind that is to stabilize the video directly inside the video editor working on the original video file, instead of rendering a stabilized video in the app and then importing it to the video editor.

Since Gyroflow supports a lot of different cameras and gyro sources, it's practically impossible to recreate all tools it offers (for example synchronization with optical flow) inside the plugin UI.

Instead, the workflow starts inside the main Gyroflow app, where you load your video, lens profile, gyro data, you do all synchronization and parameters, but instead of rendering - you export a project file which includes all your parameters and gyro data. This can be easily done by shortcut, or using Export -> Export project file (including gyro data).

This exported project file is then loaded inside the Gyroflow plugin in the video editor and the plugin will process your pixels directly inside your according to the gyro data and all your parameters, but without any transcoding, recompression or additional processing.

This is especially important when working with RAW files (like BRAW or R3D), where you retain all your RAW controls like ISO, White Balance etc.

Currently supported video editors:

  • DaVinci Resolve (OpenFX)

  • MAGIX Vegas (OpenFX)

  • ASSIMILATE Scratch (OpenFX)

  • Kdenlive (frei0r)

  • Shotcut (frei0r)

  • Final Cut Pro X

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