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Gyroflow comes with the ability to keyframe most parameters in order to achieve any look you want.
Most parameters in Gyroflow can be keyframed - meaning their value can be changed in different parts of the video (i.e. you can use a different smoothness at the start of the video, compared to the end).

How to use?

Enabling keyframes

Keyframes can be enabled by right-clicking on the slider and choosing Enable keyframing.
Then, go to a time in the video when you want the value to be different and just change the slider value. This will create a keyframe on the timeline chart.
Smoothness keyframe

Keyframe easing

You can right-click the keyframe point to enable or disable easing (it's enabled by default).
Ease in + out vs. linear keyframe

Removing/disabling keyframes

You can right-click the keyframe point to delete it, or to disable all keyframing for a slider, right-click on the slider and uncheck Enable keyframing - this will clear all keyframes on that slider.

Keyframeable parameters

  • Smoothness
  • FOV
  • Zooming speed
  • Zooming center offset
  • Horizon lock amount / roll correction
  • Lens correction strength
  • Max smoothness
  • Max smoothness at high velocity
  • Pitch/Roll/Yaw smoothness
  • Video rotation
  • Background margin / feather
  • Video speed



When keyframing zooming speed and the speed changes are significant, make sure to switch the zooming algorithm to Envelope follower.
There is a known bug with the Gaussian filter algorithm which may lead to black borders in view when keyframing zooming speed.
Last modified 6mo ago