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Parsing Gyro Data

Parsing of all gyro formats for Gyroflow is done in the telemetry-parser library. It was created specifically for Gyroflow and aims to implement all possible gyro data parsers natively.
This means that the code is pure Rust, without any external dependencies, any SDKs or anything else.
This allows it to be extremely portable with the ability to be built as a python module, WASM module, for all mobile platforms and basically everywhere else Rust is supported.
It also doesn't need filesystem access, so the source data bytes can be provided from anywhere.

CLI tool

telemetry-parser provides a CLI tool called gyro2bb, which parses the gyro data and outputs a Betaflight blackbox compatible .csv file.
It can also dump (print) all parsed metadata to the terminal.

Gyroflow's gyro formats

Gyroflow team has designed two formats in an attempt to standardize writing gyro data by the cameras.
  1. 1.
    GCSV format is a simple CSV-based .gcsv text file
  2. 2.
    Gyroflow protobuf is a binary protobuf description covering all possible camera features
Both formats are parsed by the telemetry-parser library.
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