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Frequently Asked Questions
Most issues with settings can be solved by resetting them to defaults. Go to Advanced on bottom right and click Reset all settings to defaults.

Where can I ask questions?

You can get support and ask all questions on Discord.

Forcefully Reset Settings

Because Gyroflow development moves fast, and the software is constantly being updated and improved, it's possible that your Settings files can get corrupted, or contain bad data between updates. If Gyroflow fails to open, or you're having crashes on launch, you can try forcefully trashing your settings, to give Gyroflow a fresh slate:
Open the and enter the following command:
rm -f $HOME/Library/Preferences/com.gyroflow-xyz.Gyroflow.plist ; killall cfprefsd
  1. 1.
    Press Windows + R on your keyboard and type regedit or look for Registry Editor in the Start Menu.
  2. 2.
    Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Gyroflow (enter this in the top bar and hit ENTER).
  3. 3.
    Delete the entire key.
Open Terminal and enter:
rm -f $HOME/.config/Gyroflow/Gyroflow.conf

GPU encoding is not available or not working

Support for codecs and modes varies greatly between GPU brands and models, for more information refer to specific guides for NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, macOS or Android. If you don't know what GPU you have, refer to your computer specifications.
Always make sure you have the latest GPU driver.
If your computer is older than 2016, chances are H.265/HEVC will not be available, and if it's older than 2012, H.264 may also not be available.
H.264 doesn't support 10-bit GPU encoding, and ProRes is accelerated only on M1/M2 macs.

I'm using O3 Air Unit and I have a lot of vibrations after stabilizing

I see only black screen when stabilization is enabled.

Most likely you have Fixed camera method selected in the Stabilization section. Change to Default or use Advanced -> Reset all settings to defaults (on the bottom right).

I'm getting a crash when trying to export and I'm using macOS with Intel processor

Go to Advanced -> Device for video processing and select one starting with [wgpu]

I'm having trouble stabilizing a RunCam camera

Refer to the RunCam section. Make sure to learn the synchronization process by reading 🔧 Basic usage, 📈 Timeline and gyro chart and ⌛ Synchronization.

Colors are changed after exporting from Gyroflow

Read about this issue on the 🎨 Color differences page.

My video is zoomed in too much

Make sure to use Default algorithm in the Stabilization section. Read more on the 🔥 Stabilization page.

I'm seeing black bars around my video

Enable Dynamic zooming in the Stabilization section.

How to export vertical video?

Go to Export settings, uncheck the lock icon and enter 9:16 resolution there, e.g. 1080x1920. Read more on the 🎬 Exporting page.

When I run the program on Windows, there's an icon on taskbar but no window appears

Most likely the window is shown outside of your monitor. You can Shift+Right click on the taskbar icon, and select Maximize to bring the window back to the visible area.

What logging rate should I use?

50Hz is the absolute minimum.
For reference:
  • GoPro uses 200Hz
  • DJI & Insta360 uses 1000Hz
  • Sony uses 2000Hz

Is there a way to rotate video in Gyroflow?

Yes, you can rotate in the Video Information panel. There's an editable field called Rotation.
Simply click the little blue pencil icon, then adjust the rotation value as required.
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