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Settings Presets

Gyroflow allows you to create a preset with all or some settings you commonly use and then load that preset to videos and in the render queue.
Presets can be used to store your common preferred settings in the UI. You can then have them in the Lens profile search box, or you can drag & drop them in the UI or in the render queue, or use in the CLI.

Creating presets

In order to create a preset, set any settings you want in the UI, then click on the arrow on the Export button and choose Create settings preset.
Then simply select settings you want to include in the preset:
If you save the preset in camera_presets directory, it will show up in the Lens profile search box. It can be favorited and searched.
Preset in the lens profile search box

Default preset

If you save your preset as default.gyroflow in the camera_presets directory, it will be loaded automatically with every video.
default.gyroflow loads in the main window, as well as in the render queue.
On macOS, the camera_presets directory is located by right-clicking on the Gyroflow app -> Show package contents -> Contents -> Resources -> camera_presets
Last modified 6mo ago