Intel graphic cards support hardware accelerated encoding on Windows and Linux

Intel GPUs have the hardware accelerated video encoder called Intelยฎ Quick Sync Video.

The encoder is well supported in Gyroflow and offers fast video render times on Windows and Linux.

Important! Always make sure you have the latest driver installed from the official Intel drivers page. As long as your GPU has the hardware encoder, most acceleration issues are solved by installing the latest driver.

Supported graphic cards

Refer to the Wikipedia page for a list of supported hardware.

TODO: CPU support?

10-bit support

Hardware accelerated encoding of 10-bit videos is supported only by the latest hardware. Refer to the Wikipedia page to check if your GPU supports 10-bit video encoding.

ProRes/DNxHD support

Intelยฎ Quick Sync Video supports only H.264 and H.265. No other codec is hardware accelerated on Intel hardware.

Maximum supported resolution

8192x8192 is the maximum supported resolution on modern cards.

TODO: verify this

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