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Newer Sony mirrorless cameras are supported out of the box.
Most newer Sony mirrorless cameras record the motion data internally.

Supported models

Gyro data
Lens profile
Sony α1
⚠️ By users
Sony α7 IV
⚠️ By users
Sony α7C Sony α7C II Sony α7CR
⚠️ By users
Sony α7R IV Sony α7R V
❌ ✅
⚠️ By users
Sony α7S III
⚠️ By users
Sony α9 II
⚠️ By users
Sony FX3 Sony FX6 Sony FX9 Sony FX30
⚠️ By users
Sony RX0 Sony RX0 II
❌ ✅
⚠️ By users
Sony RX100 VI Sony RX100 VII
❌ ✅
⚠️ By users
Sony ZV-1 Sony ZV-1 II Sony ZV-1F Sony ZV-E1 Sony ZV-E10
⚠️ By users
Sony α6500 Sony α6600 Sony a6700
❌ ❌ ✅
❌ ❌ ⚠️ By users
That list might not be exhaustive as Sony will probably add the motion data to all their new cameras. In general if the stabilization is available in Sony's Catalyst Browse software, Gyroflow should support it too.

Supported modes

Some recording modes will not store the motion data in files, for example Sony α7S III in 4k/120fps mode doesn't include the motion data.
Currently Gyroflow supports reading only gyroscope and accelerometer data, so in order to stabilize the footage in Gyroflow, all internal stabilization in camera needs to be disabled. Make sure to disable Lens OSS, IBIS and Active stabilization (EIS).
However, there is a lot more information in that metadata, including lens distortions, IBIS, OIS and EIS movements. Sony's own Catalyst Browse software, can use that metadata to stabilize videos recorded with internal stabilizations enabled.
In theory, Gyroflow could support all these modes, but that metadata is in a proprietary format and so far we were unable to reverse-engineer and understand these values.
Help in this area is very much needed, more details are available here.

Zoom lenses

Sony provides a focal length information per each frame of the video and we can use that to support zoom lenses, i.e. zoom position can be changing throughout the video.
Creating such lens profile requires a bit of manual work. For more details, see here.
If you don't want to create that special zoom lens profile, you can just calibrate your lens with a static focal length (eg. 24mm on a 24-70mm zoom lens), and then don't change the zoom value when recording the video.

Shutter speed, ND filters and motion blur

You should avoid motion blur when recording, read more why in the 📸 Common filming tips and issues.
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