๐ŸงชBuilding from Source

Dev environment

Visual Studio Code with rust-analyzer extension.

For working with QML I recommend to use Qt Creator and load all QML files there, as it has auto-complete and syntax highlighting. The project also supports UI live reload, it's a super quick way of working with the UI. Just change live_reload = true in gyroflow.rs and it should work right away. Now every time you change any QML file, the app should reload it immediately.

Building steps

  1. Prerequisites: git, 7z and working powershell. If you never ran powershell scripts before, run set-executionpolicy remotesigned in powershell as admin

  2. Get latest stable Rust language from: https://rustup.rs/

    • Please make sure to check the English language pack option when installing the C++ build tools from Visual Studio Installer

  3. Install Just by running cargo install --force just

  4. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/gyroflow/gyroflow.git

  5. Enter the project directory and:

    • Install dependencies: just install-deps

    • Compile and run: just run


  1. Install and run Visual Studio Community Edition

  2. Compile and run Gyroflow with the profile profile: cargo run --profile profile

  3. In Visual Studio, go to Debug -> Performance Profiler...

    • Under Target, open Change Target and select Running Process..., select the running gyroflow.exe process

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