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Command Line (CLI)

Gyroflow has a CLI interface for usage in scripts and automating workflows.
You can also use Gyroflow as a command line program, in order to automate some tasks in scripts.
Most common usage will be to provide a video file and render the stabilized video. You can simply call Gyroflow.exe YOUR_FILE.mp4 to do that in case of sync-less files, or also add --preset YOUR_PRESET.gyroflow to apply any settings and/or lens profile you want.
CLI can also render from a project file.
One of more interesting CLI features is a watch folder, which can be used to automatically stabilize all new footage copied to that specified folder. You can simply run Gyroflow.exe --watch C:\MY_FOOTAGE\ and it automatically stabilize any new video files that appear in that folder.
All other options are pretty self-explanatory.
Usage: gyroflow [<input...>] [-f] [-j <parallel-renders>] [-d <when-done>] [-p <out-params>] [--export-project <export-project>] [--preset <preset>] [--open <open>] [--watch <watch>] [-g <gyro-file>]
Gyroflow v1.4.2
Video stabilization using gyroscope data
Positional Arguments:
input input files: videos, project files, lens profiles, presets
-f, --overwrite overwrite if output file exists, default: false
-j, --parallel-renders
number of parallel renders, default: 1
-d, --when-done when done: 1 - shut down; 2 - reboot; 3 - sleep; 4 -
hibernate; 5 - logout
-p, --out-params output parameters, eg. "{ 'codec': 'H.265/HEVC', 'bitrate':
150, 'use_gpu': true, 'audio': true }"
--export-project export project file instead of rendering: 1 - default
project, 2 - with gyro data, 3 - with processed gyro data
--preset preset (file or content directly), eg. "{ 'version': 2,
'stabilization': { 'fov': 1.5 } }"
--open open file in the GUI (video or project)
--watch watch folder for automated processing
-g, --gyro-file gyro file path
--help display usage information
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