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Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 10 64-bit (1809 or later)
    • Windows "N" versions: Install the "Media Feature Pack", go to Settings -> Apps -> Optional features -> Add a feature -> Select "Media Feature Pack" -> Click Install
  • macOS 10.14 or later (both Intel and Apple Silicon are supported natively)
  • Linux:
    • .tar.gz package (recommended): Debian 10+, Ubuntu 18.10+, CentOS 8.2+, openSUSE 15.3+. Other distros require glibc 2.28+ (ldd --version to check)
    • .AppImage should work everywhere
    • Make sure you have latest graphics drivers installed
    • Possibly needed packages: sudo apt install libva2 libvdpau1 libasound2 libxkbcommon0 libpulse0 libc++-dev vdpau-va-driver libvulkan1
    • GPU specific packages:
      • NVIDIA: nvidia-opencl-icd nvidia-vdpau-driver nvidia-egl-icd nvidia-vulkan-icd libnvcuvid1 libnvidia-encode1
      • Intel: intel-media-va-driver i965-va-driver beignet-opencl-icd intel-opencl-icd
      • AMD: mesa-vdpau-drivers mesa-va-drivers mesa-opencl-icd libegl-mesa0 mesa-vulkan-drivers
  • Android 6+


Prebuilt executables are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. These can be found on the releases page

Build local version

For development purposes, a local version can be built. For instructions, see the README on GitHub: