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Flowshutter is a custom camera remote. When used in conjunction with readily available hardware, this results in a flexible and reliable external camera motion logger for Gyroflow. It can provide precise synchronization of camera video recording and motion logger (betaflight/emuflight FC) recording.

It was designed to be used with the Gyroflow software to provide you one of the best open source video stabilization experiences.


  • "1-click" - synchronously start/stop (1) FC arm (2) camera recording
  • "Audio injection" - inject sync marker to the audio track for precise synchronization between video and gyro data
  • OLED Display - show the device information and allow user to change settings without hacking the firmware code
  • Blackbox Erasion - erase all blackbox data without connecting to the computer
  • OTA Update - (WIP) update the firmware over the air

Supported Hardware

Currently we are working NeutronRC for a small range of sales in China. Subsequent versions are in production, please stay tuned.

For more info about list of supported hardware, please check Supported Hardware.

Compatible camera protocol/trigger mechanisms

  • Sony Multi-Terminal Port USB Protocol
  • Momentary Ground
  • 3.3V Schmitt Trigger
  • ZCAM UART protocol
  • (WIP) 5V Schmitt Trigger
  • (WIP) Sony LANC protocol
  • (WIP) HDMI CEC protocol

Check out our list of Supported Camera for more details.

Compatible FC

  • Flowbox (highly recommended)
  • Modern FC with BMI270 gyro (recommended)
  • Any other FC that support CRSF protocol

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