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RED Cinema


While most RED cameras have the required hardware for gyro logging, not all of them have this feature enabled yet.

Some cameras from RED cinema save motion data, either on a per-frame basis, or asynchronously (faster sample rate).

The official way of viewing this metadata is using REDLine, a command-line utility bundled with REDCINE-X PRO (Windows, MacOS) or standalone program (Linux). Make sure you have the newest version installed.

Footage from the following cameras are known to contain per-frame motion data:

  • ???

Footage from the following cameras contain asynchronous motion data:

  • ??

Use RED gyro metadata for stabilization

Firstly, make sure the newest firmware is installed, older firmwares may not have the gyro logging enabled. And make sure the newest version of REDline/REDCINE-X PRO is installed. If gyro data is available (see next section), the redgyro script can be used to extract and save the gyro data to a .gcsv file which can be loaded into Gyroflow.

Note: The logging rate for cameras using per-frame metadata is the framerate. This means 24fps footage has gyro data logged at 24 Hz. Such a low logging rate may be insufficient for effective stabilization (depending on type of filming), so make sure to test everything before production. See action cam as logger for an alternative logging option.

View RED metadata

See how to install and launch REDline based on your operating system in this guide.

In order to view the per-frame metadata for a video file, run:

REDline --i video.R3D --printMeta 5

Assuming REDline is in the PATH, or e.g. "C:\Program Files\REDCINE-X PRO 64-bit\REDline" --i video.R3D --printMeta 5 on a Windows installation of REDCINE-X PRO.

For a clip from a RED RAVEN, this yields:

FrameNo,Timecode,Timestamp,Aperture,Focus Distance,Focal Length,Acceleration X,Acceleration Y,Acceleration Z,Rotation X,Rotation Y,Rotation Z,Cooke Metadata

In order to view the asynchronous metadata, run:

REDline --i video.R3D --printMeta 7

This yields the following for a clip without this data:

[02-07-22-24-33-066]<69f4> Clip does not have async IMU data